About Maya Poprotskaya

Maya Poprotskaya shot to fame after she became a model for the Ukranian photography studio LS Studios. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, whose faithful followers, 15 years later, still search for her pictures and movies online.

While Maya was with LS Studios she was known by many names such as Anya, Dasha and Maya.

She completed over 50 picture sets and many movies.

Going through life, she was to be a nail salon beautician, but, after a severe allergic reaction, she had to give up her dreams.

Her prayers were finally answered when she met and married her husband and they had a daughter.

Sadly, their relationship fell apart very quickly, and Maya was now a single mother with a daughter to raise alone.

Though she is known as Maya Poprotskaya and also known as Mayya Poprotskaya, these are NOT her real names.

Her father was a hard worker who loved to lift weights and her mother was an office worker.

Growing up life was very normal with a loving family of brothers and sisters.



Age: 27

Sign: Sagitarius

Height: 150cm (4′ 10″)

Weight: 68kg (149 lbs)

Bust: 104 (40″)(38D)

Waist: 88 (34″)

Hips: 110 (43″)

Shoe Size: 35 (6½)

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Position: Woman On Top

10 Responses to “About Maya Poprotskaya

  • Perfection! That’s all what she is! ❤️

  • She is my favorite one

  • early pictures on *********** ******* **** ******


  • still a very pretty girl! I will always love her!!

  • Still cute as ever

  • She has the best brown eye?

  • Teenspotter
    1 week ago

    We always remember your beauty Mayya and you are beautiful now. In my heart you will always be my gorgeous young “Dasha” and I send you kisses and cuddles now.

  • Maya you have turned into a beautiful woman. You have always captured the hearts of those who love you. Being a wonderful person and a great mom only adds to that. I know I certainly would have made you a princess as you have always been

  • mayawomanlover
    10 hours ago

    do you have a best breast since you are a child

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