TIME: 5:58

  • Naked
  • Blowjob for almost ALL of 5:58
  • Cum!
  • 8″ Dildo!
  • Vibrator!


This is Maya’s first taste of cum ever! This video is over 2 years old, self filmed by Maya and a man she met on the street! While this wasn’t her first blowjob, this WAS her REAL first time swallowing cum!

This video is AMAZING it’s all action right from the start! She sucks like a star and fucks herself with a giant dildo! You can clearly see when she swallows her first load!!!

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9 Responses to “SWALLOW

  • It’s really amazing to see the beloved Maya doing naughty things with a man. Would like to see some girl-girl action in future too. Unfortunately this will be too expensive for sure.

  • Was really hot, you see how horny she is, she really should use the real thing instead of dildo !

  • Ill break it down. Maya sucks a guys cock while doing herself with a dildo.

    At end of video man shoots GIANT load in her mouth, she swallows and you see her licking her mouth at end of movie and smiling!

    ALL MOVIE IS BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!!!


    Maybe next time we can see you get fucked?

  • Maya you look so in control in this video! When this man shoots in your mouth there is no hesitation!! Please do more videos like this! 👍

  • Maya you are so pretty!
    Like person above said, can you please make more videos like this??

  • Omg a angel from the very beggining Im sure Im not alone in thought. But to see her now wow OMG lovely and sexy

  • My wife and I watched this the other night together. She has never wanted to try oral sex after 7 years of marriage. Thank you for helping her see this is a good thing! My wife followed along with you and I received my first oral sex ever from her! Can you please make more movies like this for the couples on your website? Maybe make a video where you can teach us some new things, like maybe a lesson on how to perform oral sex, or a video on the best positions, maybe if you and your friend can do some videos on bondage or maybe even fetish like peeing? It would be so appreciated. Thank you for the help in lighting a fire in our marriage again!😀👍 Dusty & Sarah

  • I don’t know what to say that others haven’t already. Just as described and almost too hot for me! Well maybe not, but I like to see a woman who is not afraid to please herself as well, and Maya handles it all like a pro here. It’s Maya HC, so doesn’t it mean it’s automatically a must buy?

  • Queria ver ela na época de mais novinha fazendo videos assim….. sou muito fã…………………

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